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Miriam's Earthen Cookware clay pots - perfect for rice, grains, yogurt, soups, stews and more
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Specializing in the therapeutic use of essential oils for air quality remediation and health. Our Diffusers nebulize oils which in turn inhibit the growth of mold and microorganisms.

Why not use a water diffuser?

With a water diffuser, the molecule of the oil is often too large to reach the lower lobes of the lungs and this is where ultrasonic diffusers have a niche. There are countless reasons that we might want this deep level of penetration and absorption, not the least of which is to improve respiration and protect against airborne pathogens. This is where a gigantic distinction has to be made between putting some oil over a candle and enjoying the aesthetics of the aroma and using nebulized oils therapeutically. Here we want the best possible assimilation and safest possible oils and operation of the diffusers.

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