Clay Cookware

Complete Guide to Nutritious Clay Pot Cooking – Using Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC)

Why it cooks so well, how to best take advantage of it, how to avoid problems…

My background

I loved cooking with my clay pot from Miriam’s Earthen Cookware and wanted to learn more about it – why it cooked so well, how best to take advantage of it, etc. Thankfully Miriam was willing to answer my many questions. Her knowledge of clay cooking goes extremely deep. I’ve attempted to document what I have learned from Miriam.

Not all clay pots are equal

Much of the information in this guide can not be generalized to other clay pots – especially the mass produced ones. Miriam’s pots are better designed, use a higher quality clay, do not introduce chemicals in the manufacturing process… This makes MEC infrared heat stronger, steam retention better, clay more porous… To understand differences in clay cookware read Comparing MEC pots to other clay pots.

Let’s collaborate

If you are using MEC – or a 100% primary clay handmade pot – please use the comments section to share your experiences, ask questions and help others.

I am an affiliate

If weren’t, I would still write this guide and recommend Miriam’s cookware to my friends and family. I believe her cookware has a positive health affect. It also makes cooking easier and food tastier.

Miriam's Earthen Cookware clay pots - perfect for rice, grains, yogurt, soups, stews and more
By clicking on this image, you’ll receive $10 off, and I’ll receive a small commission. Occasionally MEC offers promo codes on their homepage. If you click on this image and use an MEC promo code, you will not get an additional $10 off; however I will benefit from the commission.
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marianne Holloway
marianne Holloway
1 year ago

Hi Sally, is it safe to use these pots in the Anova steam oven?

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