Sources for Equipment

Clay pots

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware

Best designed clay pots around, comes with instructions.

Heat diffusers

Simmer mat

Miriam says this is the best all round heat diffuser. It is made of zero-carbon steel and is enameled.

Bed Bath & Beyond or

Norpro Heat Diffuser

For 5% of glass cooktop stoves a SimmerMat will not work — in that case Miriam recommends Norpro.

Bed Bath & Beyond or

Wooden spoons

Look for uncoated and unglued. Bamboo can crack.



Stainless steel hand blender – perfect for yogurt drinks.

Strainers for yogurt

Nut milk bags – I find most nut milk bags not fine enough — some of the milky parts get though. Ideally the whey should be clear.

Unbleached coffee filter – My personal favorite. If a household coffee filter is too small, go to a restaurant supply store for a commercial size coffee filter.

Lead check tester

Hardware stores or

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