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Small Cells, 5G, and Health Concerns

Video – County Council public hearing on bill to allow small cells as close as 30′ from our homes.

County Council public hearing on Zoning Text Amendment 19-07 (allows small cells as close as 30′ from our homes)

Robert Janku, Montgomery Clear Vista (timestamp 15:06)

Danial Waclawiw, Individual (timestamp 19:02)

Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust (timestamp 1:14:03)

Sally (me), Individual (timestamp 1:40:13)

My written testimony, includes footnotes and references

Additional information

Environmental Health Trust – Scientific studies, latest updates and practical information

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  • Mouse over “KEY ISSUES” on top blue horizontal menu. Go to the bottom for the first block “Cell Phones/Wireless” and select “5G and the Internet of Things“.
  • Put “5G and the Internet of Things” in the search box.
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