Testing cookware for toxicity

How do I know if my diet changes are making a difference?

Listen to your body

Possible changes to notice:

Gut health lab tests

These tests have there place, however, science doesn’t fully understand genes and/or microbiome.

Viome – Viome sends a list of superfoods and a list of foods to avoid. A few months later, items on the avoid list could be on the superfood list. Some question the accuracy of the test because of this flopping of foods.
DayTwo – preferred by John Douillard – basic blood sugar support diet


Do you have plans for MP3 interviews and video demonstrations?

Yes to both.

Are you interested in relevant blogs or websites

Yes, please share. I am always interested in learning more.

Can I share one of your recipes on my blog?

Yes! I believe in sharing recipes. No one owns a recipe. Just use your own photos and write the post and recipe in your own words. Also, provide a link back to the page on sallyzim.com where you found the recipe.

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