Start Making Yogurt

Follow these easy steps

  1. Obtain starter culture. I highly recommend one that can be cultured at room temperature and can be continually perpetuated. I often use Caspian Sea Yogurt from the Happy Herbalist. See Related Posts at the bottom for starter options and where to get them.
  2. If you get Caspian Sea Yogurt from the Happy Herbalist, it requires a 4 day adjustment period and has special instructions to follow before the yogurt is ready to consume. Click here.
  3. Once your culture is established, use the easy yogurt recipe. Active cultures you get from friends are already established.
  4. If you don’t have yogurt after ~12 hours of fermentation, read troubleshooting. Most problems can be easily solved with no need to get a new starter culture.

When you want to go deeper…

Read the yogurt section like a book. Scroll down a little and click next post.

Consider a clay pot, for taste and health benefits.

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Is this your first time making yogurt? I’d especially like to hear from you. Please share your wisdom by leaving a comment below.

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