Sources for Additional Information


Campaign for Real Milk

Information on raw milk and how to source it.

Book - Milk: the surprising story of milk through the ages

Milk: The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages

Weston A. Price Foundation

Information on nutrition and health, aiming to provide scientific validation of the traditional foodway.



A podcast and blog about food fermentation. A good introduction to all fermented foods, including yogurt.

by Ann Mendelson

Sandor Katz

His website includes a blog and information about his books, resources & events. His books are considered fermentation classics. Sandor calls himself a “fermentation revivalist” and he is known affectionately as Sandorkraut.

Books by Sandor Katz


A complete guide to making dairy-free curd/yogurt!

Blog post from Hyderabad Vegans, very detailed

Artisan Vegan Cheese

Book - Artisan Vegan Cheese

By Miyoko Schinner – The classic vegan cookbook, contains information on yogurt making


Banyon Botanicals

Known for their quality supplements. They have lots of free educational material on their website.

Dr. John Douillard

Leading Ayurvedic blogger. You can learn a lot from his blog without purchasing any supplements.

Vasant Lad, BAMS, MASc

Recipes sites

Hilda’s Touch of Spice

Cuisines from around the world — including lassi, buttermilk, curd rice

Internet searching tips

Use the various names yogurt was known as — curd, sour milk, etc.

Also search on specific heirloom varieties — Bulgarian, Caspian Sea, matsoun, matsoni, Caucasian sour cream, Villi, etc.

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