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Fermentation cultures

The Happy Herbalist

Mail order. My personal favorite. Specializes in fermented dairy and fermented beverages. Sells live (not powered) cultures. For yogurt, he offers two choices – Caspian Sea and “long” Villi yogurt. Unless your house is 60 degrees, Caspian Sea yogurt will work better than Villi yogurt. Also sells kefir grains & other high quality probiotic foods.

Gem Cultures

Mail order. According to Sandor Katz, this family-run business is the best all-around source for fermentation cultures in the US. Carries all kinds of cultures from yogurt to miso.

Cultures for Health

Available at grocery stores. Many culture types including direct set and heirloom, dairy and non-dairy. Lots of basic education material on their website.

Farms & farmers markets

American Grassfed Association (AGA)

Search for AGA approved producers certified according to strict standards.

Campaign for Real Milk

Information on raw milk and how to source it

The Cornucopia Institute

Web-based tools rating all certified organic brands of eggs, dairy products and other commodities. Separaties CAFO “organic” production from authentic organic practices.

Demeter USA

A directory of certified Biodynamic farms and brands. This directory can also be found on

Provides lists of farmers, local farmers markets, as well as local stores and restaurants that sell grass fed products.

Gita Nagari Eco Farm & Sanctuary

Pennsylvania farm where cows are never slaughtered, and only used for milk production.

Local Harvest

Find local farms, farmers markets, food co-ops, groceries, pick-you-owns, and farm stands.

Herbs & spices

Frontier Co-op

Wholesale store for herbs, spices and much more. Create a wholesale account ($10 one time fee) and use their software to order with friends. If you and your friends meet a order minimum of $250, you’ll get very significant discounts.The order will arrive in a big box(es) and must be sorted.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Mainly herbs and spices, small quantity packages available. Offers on-line herbal classes.


To Your Health Sprouted Flour

Sprouted grains and flours that you can’t find in the grocery store.


Common Market

My favorite store in the DC area, it’s a co-op.

Ethnic food stores

If the store is popular, that can be a good sign. However, some food labels can be in another language making things difficult. That said, I’ve purchased organic fenugreek seeds from Frontier which did not spout, and non organic fenugreek seeds from a local ethnic food store which sprouted great. I even repeated the test several times.


Clay pots

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware

Best designed clay pots around, comes with instructions.

MEC, the best yogurt pot
If you order by clicking the image on my site, you receive $10 off, and I receive a small commission.

Heat diffusers

Electric stoves require a diffuser for a clay pot.

Simmer mat

Uniquely designed low heat diffuser. It is made of zero-carbon steel and is enameled. I purchased mine at Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon.

Wooden spoons

Look for uncoated and unglued. Bamboo can crack.




Stainless steel hand blender – perfect for yogurt drinks.

Straining yogurt

I find most nut milk bags not fine enough. Ideally I should be getting clear whey. With this some of the milky parts get though.

Unbleached coffee filter – My personal favorite. If a household coffee filter is too small, go to a restaurant supply store for a commercial size coffee filter.

Do you have a favorite source? Please share your wisdom by leaving a comment below.

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